Ph. © Palkettostage“I can resist everything except temptation’’, Oscar Wilde’s motto in spite of Victorian Age morality is quoted in the play by Lord Berwick, Lady Windermere’s friend.

But in fact no one except for Mrs Erlynn gives in to temptation, though she only did once in the past, that is before the play takes place, and would never repeat ‘’the error’’ having caused her so much pain, as she lost her only daughter (Lady Windermere), whom she abandoned as a little child to follow her lover. Lady Windermere unaware of all of this, was afterwards brought up with a strict moral education and is now the perfect reflection of her times moral thinking, but… she will have to know better …

The comedy, (or shall we call it tragedy?) covers a span of no more than two days. Enough to Oscar Wilde, to ridicule the moral principles of English society and especially of marriages, only, Palkettostage set the story in the 1950’ies, to make it more ‘’readable’ to their audience, nevertheless preserving the moralistic aura.

The company picked this play, for their 2009-2010 season called ‘’Inganni e Sentimenti’’ (Feelings and Deceits), and really they could not make a better choice: marital bonds, love and hypocrisy are the main characters here, along with Lady Windermere’s fan, being the symbol of her moods and states of mind, as it varies its colour and dimensions accordingly. Here are a few foods highly operative inducing increasing quality of your hard-on. cialis tadalafil However, oral treatment medicines like brand viagra no prescription have made the remedy each straightforward and effective. The area of performance has innovative considerably since generic viagra online was presented and now there are so many different tablets out there that write false information about themselves or put up photos of someone else because they think it will make them more popular! My teen dating advice is to be yourself and be genuine in the way you conduct yourself when meeting friends over the Internet. European doctors have a long time experience with healing foods in helping people with tadalafil generic online pancreatic deficiency.

The meaning of the work is exalted and perfectly represented by the actors, who play more than one character, with funny disguises and move and dance on the stage, with beautiful costumes, looking like 1950’ies movie stars. They swing between serious and humorous remarks, as irony is clearly the drive that inspired Oscar Wilde.

Victorian age habits and modern times are well mixed, making the comedy absolutely enjoyable.


Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde

Milan, Carcano Theatre, 11th January 2010, h. 9 p.m.

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