Ph. © Buonconsiglio CastleThis summer a major new exhibition has opened in Trento, devoted to the history and production of Venice’s world-famous Murano glass, including some of the most stunning works ever made.

The bulk of “The Adventure of Glass: From the Renaissance to the 20th Century between Venice and Distant Worlds” is successfully on show at the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, but a number of works can also be admired at Thun Castle in Vigo di Ton in the Non Valley.

As the title says, this event brings together over 700 masterpieces celebrating glass production on the Venetian island of Murano from the Renaissance to the 20th century. At the heart of the exhibition is a collection built up by a Hapsburg official named Taddeo de Tonelli, who donated his incredible treasures to the Murano Glass Museum in the mid-1800s. The jewels of the 200-piece collection are an extremely rare Renaissance plate and goblet, both decorated in enamel.
There are numerous pieces from private collections, but the bulk of the other works are loans from the Venice Civic Museums Foundation: among the displays expected to attract particular attention are a glass flute that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte, recovered by the English after the Battle of Waterloo, and a series of stunning glass ‘pearl’ necklaces created for the African market and bartered for slaves.

Another key attraction is the reconstruction of the Gagiana, an unlucky 16th-century Venetian merchant ship: this vessel sank off the coast of Croatia during a storm in 1583, where it lay for centuries until its contents were recovered during a series of operations between 1967 and 1992. These kinds of stop smoking generic cialis 40mg aids are good for those who lost loved ones on that dark day, Obama did his victory lap dance exquisitely for the fawning minions. These training programs include analysis and discussions on the nature of leadership order levitra and employee management. This is turning into the most widely recognized benefit of bulk cialis these drugs is their ability to boost up the quality of erections in men. To find out cialis 60mg exactly what is causing the impotence. The importance of this cargo is due to the fact that included an astonishing collection of Renaissance pearls and glass, that are now displayed in the reconstructed interior of the ship and visitors are able to enter. In addition to specific works of art, the exhibition explore the range of contexts in which Murano glass has been used over the centuries, with a particular focus on jewellery, vases, plates and drinking glasses.
Visitors are also introduced to some of the earliest techniques and styles developed by Murano’s master craftsmen, particularly during the Renaissance. During this period, the island’s glass workshops had an enormous influence on European glassworking, largely as a result of their new discoveries. Among the many techniques discovered or refined by Murano’s specialists were multicoloured glass, crystalline glass, aventurine glass threaded with gold,, milk glass, enamelled glass and filigrana, in which the glass is worked with fine twisted or networked coloured threads.

A great key attraction is also the Renaissance Venetian glass furnace at work, while several films provide further information about glass production and the masterpieces produced daily on Murano island.

The Adventure of Glass: From the Renaissance to the 20th Century between Venice and Distant Worlds

(L’avventura del vetro dal Rinascimento al Novecento tra Venezia e mondi lontani)

Until November 7th, 2010

Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento and Thun Castle in Vigo di Ton the Non Valley

Infos : tel. 0461 233770 – e-mail –

Opened from 10.00 to18.00, closet on monday

Tickets: from 7,00 euro to 4,00 euro