Ph.: © Comune di ForlìAn astonishing array of Ancient Egyptian artefacts dating back four millennia is still on display in an exhibition in the eastern Italian town of Forli until January 9th in San Domenico Museum.
”Unseen Egypt. The Eternal Dwellings of Asyut and Gebelein” shows more than 440 Egyptian treasures, all discovered by the great Italian Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli, one of the founding fathers of Italian Egyptology, nearly a century ago between 1908 and 1920, during excavations in the Nile Valley. He made these finds not long after he discovered Queen Nefertari’s tomb in the Valley of the Queens and during this period, the burial sites of Asyut and Gebelein yielded up an extraordinary wealth of treasures dating to between 2100 and 1900 BC.

This exhibition seeks to recreate the excitement and wonder of the excavations carried out by the Italian Archaeology Mission in the centuries, although its focus is on Ancient Egyptian culture.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is in fact a remarkable collection of 12 sarcophagi, made of stuccoed word and painted with ritual funerary inscription. A number of these sarcophagi, which still housed mummies when they were found, also contained funerary treasures buried along with the deceased and intended to accompany them into the afterlife. The hieroglyphic lettering has in many cases allowed Egyptologists to decipher the names of administrators and small landholders, living in that part of the world over 4,000 years ago.

This has given Italian archaeologists a host of information about everyday life and helped them reconstruct the social and cultural milieu of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. I managed canadian sildenafil to cope up with it and stopped thinking about that incident. Made by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, the oral result is available in characteristics of sildenafil tabs 100mg and is offered at high caliber with to great degree shoddy rates. There are check stock cialis tablets different massage types and styles, each performed with a different objective. May be you have been using it since it effectively levitra online usa reduces the quantity of scale. Wooden boxes, mirrors, vases, headrests, bows and arrows, sandals and models of animals, boats and farming activities have all provided vital clues to ancient life: these ancient artefacts are now ready to go on public display for the first time, following months of study and careful reconstruction.

After their discovery a century ago, the finds were shipped back to Italy and sent to Turin’s Egyptian Museum, home to the largest collection of Egyptian treasures in the world outside Cairo. Most of the pieces remained in storage for decades, but recent efforts to extend the museum and make the most of its incredible collection, brought these back to the attention of archaeologists after decades of neglect.

Unseen Egypt. The Eternal Dwellings of Asyut and Gebelein

(Egitto mai visto. Le dimore eterne di Assiut e Gebelein)

Until January 9th, 2011

San Domenico Museum – Forlì – Piazza Guido da Montefeltro, 12 – Tel. 0543 712659

Ticket Price € 9,00