Ph.: Armani Hotel in DubaiWho has never heard of the Italian fashion stylist Giorgio Armani? His style, elegant and refine, is famous all over the world. He dressed the most beautiful, famous and powerful national and international women and men of the earth, starting from stars such as Greta Garbo, Sofia Loren to Penelope Cruz. His nickname “King Giorgio Armani” is the concrete proof of his well-known greatness and of the fame he gained as fashion stylist in all these years.

What strikes about him, is that he is always a step ahead. He is becoming one of the biggest fashion designer of contemporary history. Nevertheless he is still at the top, after so many years, finding always new ways to let people speak about him.

No sign of sunset or evidence of decline. The worldwide crises in all fashion sectors does not seem to have affected him at all. On the contrary, he is always surprising with new ideas, anticipating trends. His poliedricità lets him move into different sectors, work on different projects and scopes, by differentiating his investments and efforts ( may be one of the secrets of his success).

Always ready to go for new challenges, during all his life he contributed with his revolutionary proposals, to create new trends, evolutions and even revolutions in concepts, forms, lines and aesthetic. He helped in opening new horizons and business opportunities for fashion design business. He introduced changes in dressing style, and even in people mentality and approach to home living.

It is not a case that he was the first one to propose a restructured jacked (T) for men, which became the symbol of the break with the past, of the ’70 stylist revolutions and a new masculine style for women, which lead to a new dress code, now became a part of daily wardrobe. The profession of fashion designer is now just one of his tasks and activities.

He was among the first stylists to switch to home design, introducing the glamour and the charm of fashion style into home living, in order to re invent the ideal living space and making it more intimate and cozy.

On april 14th 2010, ten years after its debut collection, Giorgio Armani has just opened another new Armani/Casa store, the largest in the world of this kind right now, at Via Sant’Andrea 9 in Milan, one of the world’s most famous and prestigious locations for luxury shopping. Sometimes these side effects are bit more serious. 50mg sildenafil generic It is better giving happy ending to any problem you both argue viagra generic about. Despite being something overnight cialis delivery that can seemingly end a man’s confidence and often lead to severe cases for which doctor’s consult is very important to secure your health. You can also use generic viagra sale now which is a generic version of the widely known viagra, but at an affordable rate. The concept is to create an exclusive atmosphere with a collection of articles ranging from furniture to lighting and accessories to upholstery fabrics, all carefully selected, combining shapes, materials and colours. The success of the opening represents another confirmation of his capability to meet people’s needs also as home designer and the achievement of another ambitious goal.

On April 27, 2010 was realized his last project: the creation of the world’s first Armani Hotel in Dubai. Located inside the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building developed by Emaar, the elegant Armani Hotel Dubai is supposed to become the most exclusive hospitality destination in the city. The hotel features 160 luxurious guest rooms and suites, eight innovative restaurants, exclusive retail outlets and a serene spa, the first Armani spa inside an hotel. Every detail is bearing the Armani signature

Here the stylist aesthetic taste is combined with full comfort, stylish lifestyle environment and Italian-style warmth and hospitality.The structure offers a new level of service with a personal Lifestyle Manager, assigned to each guest. He has to take care of the guests’ needs and desires, supporting personally each requests (from business and transportation arrangements, shopping, entertainment and meal recommendations to arranging for childcare. The eight existing restaurants offer different world cuisines to satisfy each tastes, ranging from Japanese and Indian to Mediterranean and, of course, authentic fine-dining Italian. The inside Armani Spa provides personalized individual treatments, personal fitness, sequential thermal bathing as well as private and social relaxation. The hotel also boasts three exclusive retail outlets: Armani/Galleria a haute couture boutique offering fashion accessories previously available by invitation only.

The inspiration concept of the hotel is to make travelling and being away from home an emotional experience. The guest will have the opportunity to share the Armani passion for comfort, elegance and service, immersed in the simplicity and comfort of the Armani lifestyle.

Giorgio Armani successful stories represent an excellent testimonial of Italian creativity, entrepreneur and witness also his great management capabilities, very important for the creation of this empire.

The Group has become more than the brand of an international fashion leader: Armani now wants to become a icon for an approach to lifestyle that embraces several product areas, based on a philosophy of elegance, comfort and sophistication. for a new way of living, travelling and experiencing.

Will he also be able to reach this ambitious target ( reach his objective) ?. For sure his next dream now is to design a whole Armani Village.